Royal Bhutanese Experience Package

Stay in luxury accommodations with traditional Bhutanese architecture.

Exclusive access to local festivals with VIP seating.

Private guided tours to iconic landmarks like Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

Authentic Bhutanese cuisine experiences.

Personalized cultural workshops such as archery lessons or weaving sessions.

Spiritual Retreat in Bhutan Package

Guided hikes to spiritual sites and secluded meditation spots.

Hot stone baths and traditional healing therapies.

Retreats in serene monasteries with meditation and mindfulness sessions.

Vegetarian and organic meals to promote wellness.

Adventure and Nature Expedition Package

Photography workshops to capture Bhutan’s natural beauty.

Cultural exchanges with local communities along the trekking routes.

Rafting and kayaking adventures in scenic rivers.

Trekking and camping in Bhutan’s pristine wilderness.

Wildlife safaris to spot rare Himalayan species.

Art and Culture Immersion Package

Artisan workshops with master craftsmen in painting, weaving, and pottery.

Visits to traditional villages to witness daily life and cultural practices.

Culinary tours with cooking classes to learn Bhutanese recipes.

Exclusive access to art galleries and exhibitions showcasing Bhutanese art.