Discover Bhutan, the hidden paradise that offers more than just scenic beauty. From cultural festivities to tranquil meditation retreats, every corner of this mystical land invites you to partake in experiences that are as diverse as they are enriching.


Experience Archery Bhutan offers a unique chance to dive into Bhutan’s national sport, deeply rooted in its culture. Learn archery skills and traditions using bamboo bows amid breathtaking landscapes. Join local competitions for a vibrant cultural immersion.


Explore Bhutanese weaving, showcasing intricate textiles and artistry. Witness skilled artisans at work on backstrap looms, creating vibrant designs.

Hot Stone Bath

Experience traditional Bhutanese therapy with hot stone baths infused with medicinal herbs. Relax, improve circulation, and detoxify in a soothing, therapeutic setting.


Attend vibrant Tschechus, Bhutanese festivals with colorful dances, music, and mask performances depicting Buddhist teachings. Immerse in local culture and spiritual renewal.


Expressive painting in various styles and mediums offers a therapeutic outlet. Connect with others through art classes, sharing techniques and inspiration.


Embark on hikes through Bhutan’s pristine landscapes, encountering monasteries, prayer flags, and Himalayan vistas. Explore traditional villages for a holistic cultural and spiritual experience.

"Discover Bhutan: A Bespoke Journey of a Lifetime"

At GoXimbo – Stay in Bhutan, we believe that every travel experience should be as unique as the traveler themselves. That’s why we specialize in crafting bespoke tours to Bhutan, a destination that epitomizes the extraordinary. Bhutan, often referred to as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” is a land where time-honored traditions, unspoiled landscapes, and a captivating culture converge in a harmonious blend.

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